Top Three Winter 2012 Trends in Wool Pea Coats for Women

Which one of these trends are you going to wear for your Wool Pea Coats for Women?

At Luxury Lane, we absolutely adore the chillier months! Wrapping up in one of our wool pea coats for women is perfect for the lower temps, so why not be fashionable while you stay warm? We have the top three trends for winter coats this year so all of our fashionistas can stay chic and cozy!

Animal print: Some may argue that there is never enough animal print in their wardrobe, and they will have the chance to really sport it this season! Cheetah and zebra print coats are making a stylish comeback on the winter jacket scene. Try this trend out on a warm, wool lined cheetah print coat for really cold days!

Longer coats: For a while, the trend of winter coats was to wear them short and with a belt around the waist. However this season, there is a plot twist: long coats are back! Try them out with a large, faux fur collar and a belt to clinch your wait for accentuation. Totally trendy and a great way to keep warm during the frigid days of winter!

Bold colors: When everything is drab in the winter time, why not brighten up your wardrobe by rocking a bright colored coat? Try grabbing a bright red, emerald green, or a sunshine yellow coat to bring color to the greyest chilly days!

Do you have more ways to wear one of our wool pea coats for women and stay trendy? Leave us a comment below and we’ll add it to the list!

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